About Us

We, as Kozen, would like to introduce ourselves to you, as we are a survey company exists in this market for Turkish region since 2011.

Kozen head office is located in Tuzla/Istanbul which is at the east side of İstanbul and contains one of the biggest repair shipyard areas in Turkey and quite close to Yalova repair and new building shipyard area and quite close to gulf of Izmit (loading ports & steel mill and makers) as well.

Subsidiary office of Kozen is located in Rotterdam/Netherlands, which is quite close to one of the biggest ports of Europe and Our Kozen Europe office in Rotterdam is capable to cover region of Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK. Moreover, we, as Kozen, are capable to cover all Europe region together with our both Kozen offices (Istanbul and Europe).

Addition to that, Kozen acts for well-known Turkish banks in order to carry out valuation surveys on their behalf for all types of marine vehicles since 2011

Moreover, Kozen is one of nominated surveyor companies of local insurance company Türk P&I, Anadolu Sigorta, Ray Sigorta, Güneş Sigorta, Axa Sigorta, Ak Sigorta, Mapfre Sigorta ve Sompo Japon Sigorta for damage and loss prevention condition surveys in local market.
  Additionally, Kozen also performs loss prevention, condition surveys and pre-loading surveys for Thomas Miller Specialty, Navigators, Osprey, MS Amlin, Hanseatic, CertaSig, AstraSig, Lodestar, Hydor, Rosgosstrakh, Ingosstrach, Skuld, Shipowners, Standard Club, UK Club, London P&I, British Steamship, Canopius, etc. Our company has hatch cover tightness measurement test devices of Cargo Safe approved by ABS Class and Sherlog Mate approved by Lloyd Register. All of Kozen’s surveyors have been provided with Ultrasonic test device operation/training certificate issued by manufacturer company.

All of Kozen’s surveyors have sea experience and two of Kozen’s surveyors have Product and LPG tanker vessel experience, additionally four of Kozen’s surveyors have ISM/ISPS Internal Auditor certificates as well as one of our Kozen’s surveyors is competent for P&I Loss Prevention as he has worked for P&I clubs and P&I insurance companies for long years as their underwriting loss prevention analyser. Three of Kozen’s surveyors have additionally Classification Society survey experience about class and statutory surveys including flag registration issues.

In marine sector, it’s highly important to purchase and hire the feasible vessels or choose the convenient shipyard for maintenance, the right crew members on board, fuel and fuel supplier, ship’s chandler, safety equipment service company and suppliers, registering the vessel under proper flag and the classification society. Even though, having sea experience on board, it’s highly difficult to make the right choice on all above mentioned economical prime value parameters. Therefore, Each parameter is a specific topic. Thus, can be solely managed properly by competent persons. Keeping the moral/ethical standards as the first priority, KOZEN aims to guide ship owners and prospective ship owners accordingly for inspection end of above.

Expertise and inspection are the main profession/work of KOZEN.

KOZEN aims to serve for following fields;
  • Carry out Loss Prevention and Damage Survey of Vessels,
  • Carry out Ultrasound Water Tightness Test by SHERLOG and CARGO-SAFE devices
  • Carry out Cargo Damage Survey,
  • Carry out Pre-Purchasing Surveys,
  • Carry out ISM/ISPS Internal Audits for Management/Operator Companies,
  • Monitoring of Loading / Discharging Operations,
  • On Hire/Off Hire Cargo Worthiness Hold Inspections
  • Carry out Bunker Quantity Surveys,
  • Carry out Draught Surveys,
  • Carry out Annual Flag Inspections for Panama (ASI) & The Commonwealth of Dominica Flag Administrations (ASI).

Furthermore, KOZEN provides service to Ekol Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş in marine sector who has chosen their profession as appraisal expertise in real-estate industry, particularly in the field of Bank, which they prefer to have our service faith-based same as in the field of insurance (P&I and H&M). KOZEN was established by signing a partnership (solution partner) agreement with Ekol Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş to merge experience and knowledge of KOZEN on vessel’s appraisal with Ekol Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş’s appraisal experience and to support them.

Although KOZEN was established in 2011, it is competent enough to serve for marine sector by keeping the moral/ethical standards. Surveyors of KOZEN are well experienced both on board as seaman and ashore as surveyor who have worked for sector leaders ashore for many years.

Kozen Shipping Consultancy & Survey