Kozen Marine Survey Company

We, as Kozen, would like to introduce ourselves to you, as we are a survey company exists in this market for Turkish region since 2011.

Kozen head office is located in Tuzla/Istanbul, which is at the east side of Istanbul and contains one of the biggest repair shipyard areas in Turkey and quite close to Yalova repair and new building shipyards area and quite close to gulf of Izmit (loading ports & steel mill and makers) as well.

Subsidiary office of Kozen is located in Rotterdam/Netherlands, which is quite close to one of the biggest ports of Europe and Our Europe office in Rotterdam is capable to cover region of Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK. Moreover, we, as Kozen, are capable to cover all Europe region together with our both offices (Istanbul and Europe).

All of Kozen’s surveyors have sea experience and two of Kozen’s surveyors have Product and LPG tanker vessel experience, additionally four of Kozen’s surveyors have ISM/ISPS Internal Auditor certificates as well, one of our surveyor is competent for P&I Loss Prevention as he has worked for P&I clubs and P&I insurance companies for long years as their underwriting loss prevention analyser. Three of our surveyors have additionally Classification Society survey experience about class and statutory surveys including flag registration issues.

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